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Vanessa Choi


After earning her bachelor’s from the University of Adelaide and a post-graduate degree from the University of Durham, Vanessa Choi spent more than 18 years developing her marketing experience and knowledge.
Vanessa is a marketing expert who worked with corporate and non-profit organisations; she has been equipped to customise marketing strategies that benefit every one of the clients she’s guided.
She has worked with many coaches and course creators in the last few years and helped them to launch and scale their online businesses.
Her marketing article has been published on CBS, Digital Journal, FOX, NBC and USA Today.

"Just had a marketing strategy session with Vanessa Choi. OMG she was bloody good! I am so happy to have find her, thanks!!! She knew EVERYTHING about online marketing! She was VERY trustable and easy to talk."


" With so many options in business to market your success, it is vital to have someone who is able to professionally at every step progress you and handle your tailored focus. Vanessa has made it easy and affordable. It has given me peace of mind that she can integrate it all. Thank you, Vanessa."

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I help female coaches and course creators to create their business structures and systems, that help them turn prospects into paying clients.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions to ask when it comes to online business. Setting up an online business is not as difficult as you think. What you need is a mentor who can lead you and guide you.

The most important thing is YOU! Your ‘Can Do’ attitude is key. If you believe you are an ‘Action Taker’ and are willing to put in hard work, I’d love to speak to you.

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