Online marketing strategist and sales funnel creator

I work with coaches & course creators

to build a successful online business


Are you feeling overwhelmed with your online business? Like swimming with a million things you need to do and won't ever make progress? 

If this is what you are feeling right now, then you are in the right place. 

I help you create marketing strategies that attract the right audience and set up the system, so you do not leave money on the table. You will see the transformation by following my C.A.T. framework. (Clarity, Action, Transformation)

Hi, I'm Vanessa

An expert in marketing for coaches and course creators

I love helping coaches and course creators to get paid online! My super power is to take you through step-by-step and help you get tangible results. 

If you are a coach and course creator, I can help you take your ideas and services to build an online business that makes more money, feels more sustainable, and attracts more dream clients to you.

I’m a marketing strategist, coach, and sales funnel builder. My ‘no-fluff’ marketing approach is authentic, practical, actionable and life-changing.

I believe in ‘No one size fits all marketing’. Success doesn’t happen by accident. Are you ready to live your laptop life and serve your clients? Reach out to me today!

Vanessa Choi

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30-min 'Get To Know Your Business'

This is a free 30-minute ‘Get To Know Your Business’ session.
It’s for me to understand your business, where you are at and where you want to be.
We will discuss the best practices for your business and how to grow it.
Other ways that I can support you

From Zero to Course Launches

Breaking your limiting beliefs and launching your first or next online course! 🚀🚀🚀

It’s a mini-course that will only take you 2 days to complete. It’s quick and easy to get you started.




🛍️ Shop my digital products on Etsy, created for coaches and course creators.

They will help you fast-track your online journey. 🏃‍♀️

Nail Your Foundation

⛑️ Too many ideas in your mind?
⛑️ Not sure who your target audience is?
⛑️ Not sure how to get your offers in front of your ideal clients?
⛑️ Need help with your marketing strategy?
⛑️ Can’t work out your core offer?
⛑️ Not sure what tech you need?
You’re in the right place. I can help you to get unstuck in your current business situation.


Here's What They Are Saying

“Vanessa really listened to what I was after. As a start-up business, I didn’t have much for her to go on but she made both a personal and business approach of the experience of developing a logo by really finding out not only what my business was about, but what made me tick so that she could capture my personality also. Her team did an amazing job with the info and inspiration behind the logo and it has become the face of my business and one that I am very delighted with.”

Louisa Keleher - Craftanoon

I engaged Vanessa’s service’s to create a landing page for my business. Not really being technical minded, I wasn’t really sure what to ask for or how it would turn out. I have to say working with Vanessa took all of the pain out of creating a landing page for my current promotion. Vanessa worked at speed to meet the brief and is very professional. The end result is a beautifully put together and superbly working landing page.

Lisa Wells - Food, Fear & Freedom

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