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There are a number of ways that you can work with me.
Pick one that suits you.

Helping experts create digital courses &
create money making machine

If you’re ready to take action, make a steady monthly income, and have the freedom to live the life that you like, then you’re in the right place.  I’m a Certified Partner of MemberVault, certified in MailerLite and certified in offer creation.

I help coaches, consultants and course creators to create profitable online courses through the power of marketing strategies and funnels creation.

work with me

Quick Catch Up

Let’s have a quick chat about your business on a free 15-min discovery call. Go through your personal goals and business goals. I help you get a clear business direction and to build a solid online business.

This is perfect for experts who want to start an online business but without offers and strategies in place.


Go through your existing marketing strategies, go through your social media presence, your pricing structures, your website, sales funnel, courses and membership.

This is perfect for experts who aren’t sure the next step, need a clear direction and want to build a solid online business foundation. 

Pick My Brain

You want to FOCUS and SCALE your business. You want to get RESULTS fast, but you don’t want to spend time and deal with the tech.  I’ve got you covered!

HIRE ME FOR A DAY, so you know your work will get done SUPER FAST! I dedicate a day especially on your business. My 1-day service includes, but is not limited to integrations, email system, landing page creation, funnel setup, membership creation.

If you are selling something online, you need a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is like having a staff selling for you 24/7. It’s an automated journey where you feed site visitors into one end, usually through content marketing or advertising.  A high converting sales funnel includes: Offer, Copy and Design. 

I bet you don’t want to miss any sales online. Let’s build your money machine online!

Online Sales Machine

Business Deep Dive

I work with you on YOUR BUSINESS. We’re doing it together.

Business Accelerator happens in three parts. 

🌟 Pre-work and pre-phrase preparation

🌟 2 hours intensive call

🌟 A report outlines in great detail everything we talked about with a plan.

This is perfect for experts who are looking for a solid workable plan or blueprint which they can follow in the next 3-12 months.