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My goal is to teach coaches, consultants and service providers to turn prospects into paying clients.
I teach coaches, consultants and service providers how to use digital marketing to grow your business. Digital marketing is one of the best tools used for business growth and it’s here to stay. 
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don will
wilkin group
Vanessa explains what's needed and implement it.
"Last year we contracted AuBiz to review our marketing efforts. To our surprise we have been able to improve our presence in the marketplace with some great targeted ideas. Vanessa simply explains what is needed and then efficiency carries out the implementation."
Sachiko Marchand
Food & Parenting Coach and Business Coach
Why Vanessa was bloody good?
"Just had a marketing strategy session with Vanessa Choi. OMG she was bloody good! I am so happy to have find her in this group thanks!! Why Vanessa was bloody good? 

1, She had read my website in Japanese using google translate before the session and she had a whole picture of my business. Probably she didn't read all but she had eyes for where to check!

2, She knew EVERYTHING about online marketing! she told me the right angle of marketing for my audience, the best way to spend money for ads and the strategy for the sales funnel including tools. Even suggested a brand new idea of a program which I never thought but solved the problem I had.

3, She was VERY trustable and easy to talk. She never had an attitude of " I know everything because I am an expert." She was so authentic and loved what she did!! I think we could chat about business forever😂

If you are not sure about your online marketing strategy (FB/instagram ads, contents creation, sales funnel, conversion etc), talk to Vanessa! You will get 5 times value of what she charges:)"  
Louisa Keleher
Vanessa really listened to what I was after.
"Vanessa really listened to what I was after. As a start-up business I didn’t have much for her to go on but she made both a personal and business approach of the experience of developing a logo by really finding out not only what my business was about, but what made me tick so that she could capture my personality also. Her team did an amazing job with the info and inspiration behind the logo and it has become the face of my business and one that I am very delighted with."
vanessa choi, your digital strategist
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